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Having a background in performance has given me skills understand how people work, and analyse their intentions. These skills have been essential in the business world. 

Performance, Accounting... a natural blend

Coming from an artistic family, generations of cultural wordsmiths including; comedy, journalism, songwriting and acting. For me, rebelling was getting a job as an accountants assistant. I was always a little bit left and right brained. 

A natural coach and trainer, after a few years on the corporate ladder, I finally conformed, and studied theatre at one of the top London drama schools.

Rather than train in acting, I was fascinated at how we could use professional performance techniques to succeed in business.


Actors explore deep levels of character, psyche, voice and body - all to convey a truth with confidence and clarity.  

I went on to run workshops and programmes in the West End and across the UK and training actors and students to explore their voice and engagement. 

The underlying basis of my training teaches us these three elements:


  • Connect with your audience 

  • Show authenticity

  • Speak with clarity 

Still with a rebellious streak, I started my own award-winning digital accounting service Blue Arrow Accounting, in 2014.


Recognising that digital processes help to take away the automation in finance, my training helps build the human side of business; people and relationships.

My performance background has been an asset in finance.

I now work with others in the professional field to help them speak with impact. 

Outside of work, you can find me walking in the Sussex countryside with my two dogs, husband and son.

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An engaging and experience public speaker, Alexandra is available for events speaking on emotional intelligence in leadership, and confident presenting. ​

Please contact hello@bondambition.co.uk

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