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Speaking up just got easier... if you work in accounting, finance, and technical areas, my training will help you to confidently and comfortably share your insight and valuable knowledge

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Alexandra Bond Burnett

Who am I? I am someone who I believes that everybody can be an engaging, authentic communicator. 

You maybe financially or scientifically minded, and love the detail in technical processes. Trying to communicate that level of detail can be a challenge, reducing the incriticies of your work into clear message can feel extremely frustrating, and at times unnerving. 

Like you, I am also a detail oriented individual, and as it happens, an inquisitive performer. 

After starting a carer in accountancy and finance, I took a break to persue An acting coach, and accounting entrepreneur, I use my dual experience to help technical minds to become confident communicators. 

My mission is to help like minded professionals, founders and leaders to reduce jargon and increase confidence to become masters at communication and the technical. 

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"Yesterday I spent the day at Xero HQ learning from Alexandra Bond Burnett (if you're an accountant who struggles with presenting to clients or a person who doesn't like public speaking then get in touch with Alexandra). Today I put what I learnt into practice, apart from the golf swing and the meeting couldn't have gone any better. Now onto a radio show and presentation next week 🙈


Delegate, Presentation Skills Course

A lively and interactive day, there isn't a lot of time for sitting around in my workshops. Sessions are delicately crafted to be engaging, full of insight and value for your team.

An experienced facilitator, my training that gets the best out of the group and can be adapted for all abilities.

Book a speaking session, workshop or breakout, including lunch and learns. 

Topics include:

  • Presentation Skills 

  • Financial Storytelling 

  • Authentic Voice 

  • Women in Leadership

"Thanks for delivering a fab session in our new Experience Centre, so excited for round two!"


- Vikki Bean, Head of Education Xero UK EMEA

"I attended a theater workshop run by Alexandra (held at a scientific conference). I was gently pulled out of my comfort zone and left the session, not only with useful techniques that apply to my work, but also valuable skills that will enable growth in my role. I now have a better understanding of how to communicate effectively. I absolutely would recommend attending one of Alexandra's speaking engagements or workshops."


- Jade Hall, Royal Society of Biology


I run 30 minute or 1 hour coaching sessions to help you achieve your goal. It could be a presentation, key note or video marketing, I will work with you to create a message with impact and coach you on your vocal and nonverbal communication.


If you'd like to find out how I can help you become a powerful communicator, book a call with me below. 

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