Theatrical tactics in politics? Public speaking gets emotive

Theatrical tactics in politics? Public speaking gets emotive


When it come to public speaking, how emotional should we prepare to be? This week read this brilliant blog by Charles Fleming which I posted on our LinkedIn page. Fleming analyses the emotive content of politicians and their public speeches… in this instanced Canada’s heart-throb Justin Trudeau and France’s  Edouard Phillipe. Both younger men, both pleasant to look at, both poster boys for modern democracy.


Empathy in rhetoric: Justin Trudeau and Edouard Philippe show they feel the pain


The modern politician


Clearly all politicians that have public speaking duties require training, a flurry of speech writers and probably a host of technical wizardry. However, when it comes to relating to the average Joe, should outward emotion be spilling on to our soap boxes?

The key is being able to relate to the people watching. The public want it all. They want to see a human, capable of feeling what ever we are feeling, but we also what them to be a super hero that will dash in into the night, make us safe and mean while keep the cupboards stocked. In days of old our politicians were good at the job, but didn’t have a requirement to be such a public figure as is required in today’s world. They never undertook the training that today’s younger speakers require. We forget it wasn’t long ago that we only heard our politics on the radio, or in a well crafted television broadcast. Now we have camera’s everywhere. In a world where we can be seen everywhere, do we need to project more of our human selves from the stage?

It was interesting to read Charles’ blog about this trend, it is becoming more common from our traditional empowering speeches. Tears at the podium? What message does that say to you? It would be interesting if you think shedding a tear is too much, or a good blend of persona.

Of course we do not know if this was n impromptu display of emotion, Trudeau is known for it. However, if could also potentially be his particular brand of speaking which effectively reaches out to the Canadian public.

Perhaps it’s time to prep your hankies.


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