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Learning to present powerfully is an essential skill in tomorrow’s workplace. When it comes to technical data, facts, figures and jargon, authenticity is an essential part of communication.

Studies tell us that leaders are the ones who have high levels of emotional intelligence, powerful communication skills and a ‘natural’ rapport in meetings.

What most people don’t know is that emotional intelligence can be learned, and gravitas can be adopted. With practice…


Coaching sessions explore

Reducing speaking anxiety

Persuasion skills

A bespoke action plan

Voice & body language coaching

Presentation creation and performance


Individual coaching sessions are tailored to suit you and your requirements. Ideal if you are looking to develop your skills in depth or are working on a specific project.


You can book coaching in blocks of 3, 6 and 9 months.

The best sessions are face to face so I can work with your posture, body language and voice.. however I also run sessions on Zoom or a mix and match.

An idea can only go so far, until it’s spoken

Alex came to our offices for a presentation workshop which was extremely valuable. She is approachable and eased any apprehension we may have had, while creating a comfortable space to develop our skills. Alex’s tips and feedback were insightful and really helped to me to consider my approach to public speaking. I would definitely recommend her to other companies.

David Maguire

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