Presentation skills
Speak with power, speak with persuasion

Next event 27th November 2018

Venue TBA, Temple London, United Kingdom.

Full day masterclass to include teas, coffees and a catered lunch.


09.00 Arrival and introductions

09.30  Masterclass Start

11am – Break

12.30 – 13.15 Lunch

15.30 – Refreshment break

17.00 – End


Establish the Want

  • Evaluate who your audience are and you you are to your audience. Review profiles and how to connect with them.
  • Explore your personal and professional goals and what your audience should be taking away

The Hook

  • Strategies that kick off your presentation
  • How to engage the audience as your transition through the piece

Powerful Storytelling

  • Learnt the powerful effect of the story
  • Create re-tellable authentic stories with a powerful effect on your audience.
  • Seek out stories from your data. Using statistical and financial reports giving you a repeatable model to find the story.
  • How to make dry information

Powerpoint and Visual Aids

  • Discover what makes your friend or foe with visual aids, and how to avoid ‘death by powerpoint’.

Authentic Vocal Delivery

  • Learn dynamic vocal techniques to unleash your most engaging voice
  • Work through Alexandra’s process to turn your script into powerful spoken words.

Confident Body Language

  • Learn what your non-verbal behaviour is telling other people, discover how to adapt to be more influential
  • What are others telling you? How to evaluate other body language behaviour and respond.

Effective question time – allowing your audience to explore your expertise

  • How to work a round table or Q&A event
  • Professionally dealing with negativity

Closing your show, ensuring your message makes a lasting impact

  • Wrap up your presentation with an ending that keeps your audience talking
  • Explore effective calls to action


Discover the structure I use to create a influential presentations using  an finding the story in your data driven information.


Establish structures to emotionally connect information to the audience defining the challenge that needs solving.


Develop powerful performance techniques to speak with clarity. Learn how to project, manage microphones, work with slides, and sight reading skills, manage the room and build rapport with an audience.

Body Language

Albert Mehrabian said that 80% of our communication is non-verbal. I will look at your movement, your posture and how your body delivers your content, seeing how we eliminate ‘body blockers’ and discover powerful stances.

Ambitious presentations

Are you:

an accounting, finance and tech professional?

looking to share financial or technical information with impact?

wanting to speak with more gravitas in meetings?