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Presentation skills
Empower your team with interactive training

Give your team powerful communication skills with my half or full day workshop. As the world becomes more digital, it’s important that managers have grounded communication skills to deliver the best of their personality, and your business brand. After all, you can be the best [insert service role here] but unless people have confidence in you, you’ll be missing out.

I’m experienced in delivering 100s of highly rated workshops, and managing a broad spectrum of personality profiles.

All of my workshops are created bespoke to suit the objectives of the team using a diagnostic tool, because I believe in managing different personalities and delivering a unique training experience for your company. There is no ‘one size fits all’ here.

I create a safe space to muck up, get things wrong and receive empowering feedback. I want people to learn, discover and have a fun uniting experience.

With 10 years experience of facilitating training, delegates receive a seamless experience that will leave everyone a better communicator.

Speak with power, speak with persuasion

An example day

Half Day Booking

A half day booking covers the key areas of strong presenting. people get the change to have a go, learn exercises and go through the workbook.



Full Day Booking

The full day elaborates on the half day session. Delegates get the opportunity to work on a presentation task of their own, stand up and have a go, get constructive peer-topper feedback and from myself as a trainer.

Key elements of my training


The base layer of all communication is the intention. We do everything for a reason. We all want something.


I lead delegates through a clear structure in how to identify the audience’s needs so that their communication connects.


to be a powerful presenter you have to know your audience.

It’s not just about presenting, it’s about identifying and listening to the need.

Vocal Toolkit

I teach a tool kit of powerful voice tools. My methods are based in what I call “transactional communication” meaning that we respond differently to each person.

However, what happens when we become aware of that change, and harness responding, rather than reacting to a situation?

We identify how we react, and then we can maneuver a more effective role within the communication.

Practical exercises given for voice, to sustain presentation, project to a stage and technical speaking skills.

Body Language

Albert Mehrabian said that 80% of our communication is non-verbal. My workshop teaches the powerful tools of body language, how we come across to overs, and how to identify how others are responding to you.


This segment looks at your movement, your posture and how your body delivers your content, seeing how we eliminate ‘body blockers’ and discover powerful stances.

Masterclass delegates learn to:

Create memorable presentations

Talk with influence

Be confident communicators

Be active listeners 

“We asked Alexandra to support Lauren with her first public speaking session. Before, during and after Alexandra has been professional and full of experience and knowledge.

Alongside the technical help, Alexandra also helped with the emotional side and has been there for any support needed.

Lauren is very thankful for all Alexandra’s help!”

James ByrneCEO Accountancy Manager