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Not often that you find someone working in financial services with a theatre degree. At one time I worked as an actress and within the realms of arts education, creating and delivering high quality educational workshops and programmes, whilst also training actors to perform them. I still work in the West End to deliver performance based workshops and educational packs, because it’s not only valuable training (for myself and my students) but bloody good fun.

My experience in theatrical education was about using theatre techniques to teach educational content, primarily focussing on:

Communication, Confidence, and Clarity 

In the years before I worked in the corporate sector. With names such as GE Corporate, Imperial College and London 2012 under my belt, I started my own award-winning business Blue Arrow Accounting, with a developed digital eco-system. You see, it’s all about communication and narrative.

I particularly enjoy working with AI products and find that digital processes are actually taking away the automation in our jobs, and leaving us with the human side of business; being people and relationships.

I also work hand in hand with Ortus Finance, commercial lending because I believe in helping businesses grow in all aspects. Holistic advisory I suppose.

Had my acting experience enhanced my corporate work?


I now talk at conferences across the U.K. and work with a wide range of businesses. My performance background has been an asset in finance.

I now work with others in the professional field to help them speak with impact. 

Outside of work, you can find me walking in the Sussex countryside with my two dogs, husband and son.

Alexandra's TEDx Talk

In 2016 I was kindly invited to join the stage at TEDx Tunbridge Wells.

It was a new arena for me, and I spoke about the power of guilt.


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